Author = Ghodsieh Bagherzade
Number of Articles: 3
1. Biosynthesis of organic nanocomposite using Pistacia Vera L. hull: An efficient antimicrobial agent

Volume 05, Issue 03, Summer 2021, Pages 41-48


Ghodsieh Bagherzade; Omolbanin Bakhshi; Pouya Ghamari Kargar

2. Use of pectin as a suitable substrate for catalyst synthesis Fe3O4@Pectin@Ni (II) and its application in oxidation reaction

Volume 05, Issue 02, Spring 2021, Pages 1-8


Ghodsieh Bagherzade; Hossein Khashei siuki; Pouya Ghamari Kargar

3. Magnetic nanoparticles embedded in pectin‐based as an environmentally friendly recyclable nanocatalyst

Volume 05, Issue 02, Spring 2021, Pages 9-14


Pouya Ghamari Kargar; Ghodsieh Bagherzade; Majid Ghasemi