Measurement the Antifertility Potential in Male Rats Exposed to The Electromagnetic Signals Emitted by Cellular Mobile Telephony

Document Type: Research Paper


Nimra College of pharmacy, University of Ibrahimpatnam, India


The present study was conducted to measure the antifertility potential of Curcuma amada in male rats exposed to the electromagnetic signals emitted by cellular mobile telephony, which can affect their biological functions, behaviors, and multiple hormone systems leading to reproductive deficit. In addition, oxidative stress, calcium deficiency and disturbances in signal transduction and regulation pathway can be emerged by the alternation of spermatozoa. It has been revealed that Medicinal plants, also called medicinal herbs are more productive than synthetic drugs. Accordingly, in this work we showed that the pretreatment of Curcuma amada can substantially improve the sperm count, and motility. It is also able to decrease the cell phone radiation induced infertility in rats. The extract has shown significantly potential impact on the Testosterone hormone levels, indicating the protective effects against radiation-induced infertility.