Study the Effects of Kadostim Organic Fertilizer on Yield and Harvest Index Maize Cultivars in Ardabil

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Agronomy, Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad university, Ardabil, Iran

2 Department of Agronomy, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, ehran, Iran


In order to study Kadostim fertilizer on maize cultivars, experimental form of split plot randomized based complete block design with three replications in agricultural land khanghah sofla was located in the Namin city in 2011. The main factor included two conditions (kadostim fertilizer; without the application of kadostim fertilizer) and the sub factor included 3 maize genotypes (ZP677, Golden west, OS499).  Considering the ANOVA results in studied traits, it was observed that there is a significant difference between harvest index and grain yield at probability level of 1% and between 1000 grain weight at probability level of 5% in experimental conditions. Results to data mean comparison on studied genotypes indicated that based on grain yield among the studied genotypes, Golden West with a mean of 6.77 ton per hectare was the best genotype and OS 499 genotype with a mean of 5.29 ton per hectare was the lowest studied genotype. Also Results to data mean comparison in experimental conditions suggested that applying kadostim fertilizer had good effects on studied traits. 


Volume 01, Issue 03
September 2017
Pages 127-129
  • Receive Date: 07 June 2017
  • Revise Date: 28 June 2017
  • Accept Date: 18 July 2018
  • First Publish Date: 18 July 2018