Author = Mehrabifar, Atefeh
Number of Articles: 3
1. Investigation of Medication Errors in a Teaching Psychiatric Hospital using Chart Reviews

Volume 01, Issue 02, Spring 2017, Pages 57-61

Atefeh Mehrabifar; Ava Mansouri; Kheirollah Gholami; Padideh Ghaeli; Mohammadreza Javadi

2. Significant Increasing of Gastrointestinal Dissolution of Aceclofenac via Florite

Volume 01, Issue 01, Winter 2017, Pages 9-14

Atefeh Mehrabifar; Mina Rahmati

3. Investigation of Anticancer effects of Dacarbazine Hydrogel in the Injectable Form and its Release

Volume 01, Issue 01, Winter 2017, Pages 15-21

Atefeh Mehrabifar; Mina Rahmati