Vaccines with killed virus platform have passed the test / Students should get the corona vaccine without worries

Professor Ali Karami, a specialist in medical biotechnology and a specialist in genetic engineering, said in an interview with the social reporter of the Berna news agency: "Currently, pregnant women and adolescents aged 12 to 18 are to be vaccinated with Sinofarm."

He added: "It is false to publish information that parents' consent is obtained when vaccinating students, but it may have been done in some cases and in an individual base, and this is not a reason for parents to consent to vaccinate their children because No such issue has been reported and students can easily be vaccinated.

Getting consent from students' parents to get the vaccine is a lie

Professor Karami continued: "In some cases, we hear people say that the parents of students agree that if the vaccine has a complication for these people, we are not responsible for it." Consent is only required for first-degree surgeons because such cases cannot be predicted.

The medical biotechnologist and genetic engineer explained why cinopharm vaccine is given to pregnant women and students: China has a huge population and cinopharm vaccine is given in several countries around the world; Therefore, this vaccine has been studied in clinical phases on 12 to 18 year olds, pregnant women and lactating women, and the injection status of different age groups has been studied and its injection has not caused any problems.

Production of 14 million doses of Barakat vaccine in the country

He continued: "It was officially announced that the Pfizer vaccine will not come to Iran for injection into pregnant women."

Professor Karami said: "So far, 14 million doses of Barakat vaccine have been produced, of which 6 million doses have been delivered and distributed by the Ministry of Health, and 8 million doses of this vaccine are in the process of quality control and labeling, which will be available to the public soon."

Vaccines such as Pfizer are genes and are from the 4th generation

"Synopharm vaccine has not been shown to cause serious side effects for pregnant women and adolescents 12 to 18 years of age," said a biotechnologist specializing in medical biotechnology and a subspecialist in genetic engineering. Mistakes worry people.

Regarding the reason for not importing the Pfizer vaccine to the country, Professor Karami said: "The Pfizer vaccine is a 4th generation vaccine and a gene that we call mRNA." In contrast, Barakat, Fakhra, Sinofarm vaccines are the first generation that have been used for 50-60 years. Therefore, a vaccine similar to the Pfizer vaccine has not been administered to the population before the corona, and this is the first time such a vaccine has been used.

He went on to say that the leadership, with its famous statement, banned the import of any American or European vaccine: "Gene vaccines are injections of DNA and RNA into the body, and these vaccines were made to treat cancer; The makers of the Pfizer vaccine were given the opportunity to intimidate the public and make the vaccine available to the general public. The killed virus vaccines that we are currently using have stood the test of time, and no one can say that these vaccines have long-term side effects because older people and one-day-old infants have also been vaccinated.

It is not appropriate for pregnant women to receive gene vaccines

Professor Karami said: "Therefore, an adult human being should not inject a vaccine whose side effects are unknown to a woman who has a fetus in her womb, because her fetus is our next generation."

He continued: "First, the Pfizer vaccine was not imported by the order of the leadership, which was completely scientific, and then you should know that the Pfizer company in the United States launched a study phase in which pregnant women voluntarily inject the vaccine. The number of pregnant women volunteers was so low that A clinical trial was canceled.

The medical biotechnology expert and subspecialist in genetic engineering stated: The cancellation of this trial caused fear that they want to test the Pfizer vaccine on Iranian pregnant women.

The medical biotechnology specialist and genetic engineering specialist continued: "It is necessary to vaccinate students due to the reopening of schools and the formation of classrooms, because it is difficult to control these people in the school environment. They play with each other and are not like adults."

He added: "Many people think that the purpose of vaccination is to eradicate the corona, which is a mistake, and vaccination helps control the epidemic." If we want a pandemic to end, all sections of society and the people must work together.

Two doses of the vaccine reduce the incidence of severe disease and mortality

Professor Karami stated: "It has been proven that people who received two doses of vaccine and 15 days after the injection of their second dose, did not have severe coronary heart disease. Also, hospital statistics show that most of those who were hospitalized are people who either did not get vaccinated or They injected a dose or did not observe health issues.

The expert in medical biotechnology and the subspecialty of genetic engineering stated: 6 months ago, we gave about 440 martyrs in the medical community, which is not the case in the medical community at present.

Regarding the fear of vaccination, he said: "I have heard that only 30% of vaccines were injected in Qom province, and the governor of Qom announced that people do not participate in vaccinations and that vaccination centers are empty." People are tired of the disease and the country needs to calm down in terms of the disease epidemic.

Regarding the rumors about the Barakat vaccine, Professor Karami said: "It was announced that the Barakat vaccine has severe side effects, causing sterilization and genetic events in the body."